About Us

What you’re going to see here at ChannelJay.com is input that comes from a lot of veterans of gambling and the games that comprise it. I’m one of them. I’m CHARLES JAY, and to a certain extent, you could say that I grew up in this business.

Should I give you my resume?

We probably don’t have enough time. But just to list a few things, I have been involved with professional sports, the gambling world, and the media, in one way or another, for most of my adult life.

I spent about two decades in the boxing industry, covering a pretty wide range of activities – writer, publicist, matchmaker, booking agent, manager, and promoter. My experience as editorial consultant for USA Network’s “Tuesday Night Fights.” lasting for seven years, was quite special, and I got to do a little on-air work for them, as well as a lot of color commentary in boxing with events televised by the likes Sunshine Network and Prime Network, not to mention a lot of international television, including Canal Plus, Bangkok Cable, and the list goes on.

I’ll be doing a lot of podcasts over my outlet, Channel Jay, and my foundation for that comes from a lot of radio. Some of the shows I have hosted include “Sportswatch with Charles Jay” on KDWN in Las Vegas, “Total Action” on WAXY 790 in Miami, and “Charles Jay’s Winning Edge”, which we eventually had syndicated into 55 markets through something called the American Radio Networks. I was a special events consultant for an emerging destination called Casino Magic in Mississippi in 1993, and we did a lot of televised promotions.

I have also contributed to a lot of print publications of note, covering sports and gaming. The most well-known of these are Sports Form (which is now known as Gaming Today), Casino Player, Card Player, and The Gambler.

I’ve also written extensively on the fight game, specially on the subject of boxing reform, and wrote some books that rolled out online and which we will be converting into e-books: “Operation Cleanup” and “Operation Cleanup 2: Unfinished Business,” not to mention “Body Shots: Outside the Ring and Inside the Game of Pro Boxing”. In 2003 I was the recipient of the “Dignity” Award, in the category of “Best Sports Writer,” as bestowed by the Retired Boxers Foundation.

All of this before I really got rolling with my business of writing for the internet. We provide media services, such as content development and marketing, for a lot of website publishers. And I would estimate that I have written more than 22,000 different pieces covering this subject matter in the last eleven years or so, making me the most prolific writer in my field, probably by a wide margin.

One of the things I have really enjoyed doing is to put together specialty odds (also known as “gimmick” odds) for various online sportsbooks. We have done all kinds of stuff, including the Academy Awards, the NFL Draft, and the Super Bowl. This included dozens and dozens of different propositions that you weren’t going to see anywhere else.

Okay, that’s enough about ME. I want to know about YOU. Contact us through the online form available, or at [email protected].